Saturday, July 28, 2012

Links for a lazy weekend III: the you're not getting older, you're getting better edition

So ... is everyone ready to watch hundreds of youthful athletes do amazing things with their perfectly trained bodies? I'm not usually one for TV sports, but I do plan to watch some of the Olympics. While drinking a bottle or two of beer. Light beer, she added hastily. And getting off the sofa once in the while to head to the gym.

I may be old enough to be these athletes' mother, but I refuse to become decrepit any sooner than I have to.

Right. In other news, Advanced Style is covering Lanvin's decision to use older models in their Fall, 2012 campaign. Here's a post about 62-year-old Tziporah Salamon and 82-year-old Jackie Tajah Murdock. Just think: I'm only seven years and 50 pounds away from becoming a model!

Now let's talk Pinterest. Because I'm sure you've spent the least several days wondering where the hell has Poppy wandered off to this time? Well, God forbid I introduce you to yet another internet rabbit hole, so I won't tell you how much time I've been spending on Pinterest.

Nor will I attempt to get you to sign up. Or to follow me. Even though I have carefully put  my juiciest, most stylish, and visually arresting boards right up top where you can find them very easily.

Not to mention that if you click through a lot of my pins, you'll find some very interesting content on other blogs.

So, no pressure. But do check out Diane Von Furstenberg's board for Fall, 2012. It's a combination of an inspiration board and a preview of her fall line, and it's beautifully done. 

Word of warning, though. I don't know whether you've noticed, but internet has been known to make me buy things. Which--I know. Of course it does. It would be foolish to deny it. The evidence is all over this blog.

Well, Pinterest is no different. And guess what dear Manolo pinned?

Reader, I bought them.

What with the Olympics, and the Royal Jubilee, and me being a prize-winning Anglophile and a member of the English-Speaking Union--how could I resist?

So I guess this weekend will involve watching the Olympics, tearing myself away from Pinterest to head to the gym--and waiting for my new ballerina flats to show up.

Meanwhile, whatever your country, stay patriotic!


  1. The bad thing about these wonderful posts is that you'll wander away into your real life soon enough and I'll have to wait so long for you to write again.

  2. Way to guilt me into sticking around!

  3. Now those, those are some shoes!

  4. I love the Repettos! I hope you will do a post when they show up, to share with us how you wear them. And getting back to beauty items, I just saw a Dior nail color I want, Orchid. Either that or a Tom Ford color I spied, Bordeaux Lust, I think. I haven't tried either one of these brands before but I am definitely feeling those burgundy shades for fall, and, what's this, is it possible I don't have any such colors in my nail polish collection? Saks Fifth Avenue, here I come! XO, Jill


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