Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Red, White, and Blue

I hope you all had a wonderful fourth. We did--Mr. Buxom was in San Diego earlier this week, but made it home today to drive up to Jen Lancaster's for a fourth of July pool party. Jen's decorations, food, and friends were all wonderful, Fletch did yeoman's work with the grill--and oh, that pool ... I'll tell you something ... we're all a little self-conscious when it comes to prancing around in our swimsuits, but when it's over 100 degrees, you can get all four Buxoms to put on their bathing suits and jump into the pool.

My wardrobe and accessories were deeply patriotic, and would be if I lived in the UK, France, or Australia. In fact, it was difficult to tell whether I was celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Bastille Day, or Independence Day.

I wore a navy blue polo shirt, white jeans, red poppy sandals, a red white and blue Hermes bangle, and patriotic nail polish.

After too short a time at Jen's, we headed back home for a picnic with friends before our town's fireworks display. Amazing fireworks, synchronized to "76 Trombones" and "Anchors Away" and the 1812 Overture--and people actually sang the national anthem.

Again, great food, great people, festive atmosphere, and patriotic nail polish worn by yours truly.

Tomorrow the holiday feeling will end for us all. Mr. Buxom will go back to work. I'll head back to the gym. And Young Master Buxom will start summer school, where he'll be taking Consumer Education. How much do you bet that in the first week, they'll teach the students not to spend all their money on nail polish?

I hope your Fourth was glorious!


  1. I've read some of Jen's books...
    sounds like you've had a great 4th of July.
    I just must say again hoe grateful I am that you are back posting...I love your voice.

  2. I love your posts too. How often do you change your nail color?

  3. Hi Hostess--yes, it was fabulous! And thanks!

    Reader--thanks to you, too.

    I change my nail polish when it chips, which usually happens about every five days--faster with crèmes, slower with frosts and metallics.

    My patriotic nails are the exception. I still have them on, because they were perfect to wear to the Iron Maiden "Maiden England," i.e., "made in England," tour, since they're the color of the Union Jack! But they'll be gone tomorrow.

    I have the new fall colors from Chanel, so I could try one of them, but I'll probably put on something beachier so I can pretend I have a tan.


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