Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Christmas list--so far.

In my ongoing project of spreading sweetness and light through the internet, I've decided to share my Christmas and/or Birthday list. I printed this list up and distributed to the members of the Buxom household. My birthday is December 12th, and it is never too early to get the word out about What I Want.

1). Shower gel. Philosophy always has nice ones. I haven't smelled this particular flavor, but if spiced clementines smell like oranges stuck with cloves, you'd have difficulty getting me out of the shower.

2)  A new shower cap. To go with the new shower gel. One must do one's best to preserve one's do.

3) Colonial Candles. The eight inch classic tapers. White or cream or this gorgeous shade of red.

You can get them online.

 3) A new gym bag. My canvas boat and tote bags aren’t big enough, and the open tops are awkward. The REI Balance gym bag is narrow enough to fit in a locker, and has dedicated places to stash gym shoes, car keys--even a yoga mat. It's $59.00.

Here it is in Jungle, zipped up and tidy.
And in use. Would I actually do yoga if I had a place to put a yoga mat?

Who knows. But I might actually remember to pack a water bottle.

4) Big cream colored pillar candles for my TV-watching pleasure. I like the ones from that store on Elm Street … across from the park, a little west of the town parking lot? But if you're getting the tapers on line, you could get these from Colonial Candle.

 5) Flowers—red roses, poinsettias, Christmas-y arrangements—it’s all good!

6) Shearling-lined slippers with rubber soles. L. L. Bean Wicked Good moccasins are the classic. In the past, I've always gotten brown, but that was in the old days, when you could get Wicked Good slippers in any shade you wanted, as long as it was brown.

Now they come in a rainbow of shades! OK, six.

So how about a fashion-forward chocolate brown?

(And for anyone who objects that this blog is supposed to be about beauty, allow me to assure you that I am far more beautiful when my feet are cozy.)

7) Wool socks. Cable knit knee socks are available at Vermont Country Store.

Fancy ones can be had at Gorsuch.

See above remarks about cozy feet.

8) Clé de Peau Beauté Palette de Voyage for Holiday 2012. I've heard great things about their products but have only popped for a foundation. This palette has an eye quad, a sample-sized mascara, lipstick, cheek color, and eyebrow and eyeliner color. It's available at Neiman Marcus and costs a dazzling $180. But it's so cute!

9) From L'Ivresse de l'Infini Silk twilly. It costs $140, which is a ridiculous price for a scrap of silk. But look at the colors!

10) If we're really reaching, Hermes “New Libris” Cashmere and silk stole with jacquard weave in comes in violet and costs a mind-boggling $860.00. But it's a jacquard weave, people. 

Talk about a pop of color!

10) Caviar. Beluga or Sevruga.

Or a jar of that La Prairie caviar eye cream her friend Audrey swears by--it's just as expensive. And Audrey's skin looks amazing, so there's that.

Also? Less fattening.


  1. You can find the caviar eye cream less expensive on I am flying to the Caymans tomorrow. DH has a conference and I am getting a facial at the La Prairie spa.

    I like your list and will steal some ideas for mine.


  2. I have always enjoyed your blog Poppy, but I am so sorry to see November closing because the Beauty Boomer has become my favorite read! Here's hoping you are inspired to keep it going...December and on!

    Unmitigated Me (nee middle aged woman)


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