Monday, June 01, 2020

The answer is "100 days of yoga."

In these parlous times, I could be rejoicing in having become firmer and more flexible. I could be delighted that heaving my not inconsiderable bulk out of my big, deep, straight-out-of-the-eighties bathtub has become a lot easier. But honestly, if you asked me:

1. How do you stay calm during a pandemic?

2. How do you deal with week after week of lockdown?

3. How do you manage to not kill your working-from-home spouse?

4. How has your daughter survived almost-but-not-quite flunking out of her second college?

5. How do you manage to smile and stay relatively cheerful while your gray roots become increasingly obvious?

6. What do you do to lessen the anxiety of knowing that friends are uncomfortably close to the fires and looting currently occurring every night in Chicago?

The answer in every case is daily yoga practice. Not only does doing yoga every day lower my blood pressure and cortisol levels, it increases my ability to absorb bullshit, like having my family so omnipresent that I have to closet myself in my dressing room with three doors closed between Them and me to mutter imprecations about them under my breath.

What has the world come to when you can't call up your girlfriends and talk shit about your husband and/or children?

Another cheering thing?

These lovely and patriotic Crocs™.

Which I have actually worn outside of the house. And not just to take out the recycling.


  1. Sadly, yoga is beyond my little hand's capabilities BUT we did get a treadmill and it is helping my body and brain.
    AND I've been staring at Crocs. STARING.

  2. Don’t tell Wendy, but Croc just did a Liberty of London collaboration! XD

  3. Oh.... I did not know you are back! Yeah!!!

    Made me happy and I did not have to do yoga.... if I got down on the floor to do it... I would Never get up!! lol


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