Thursday, May 26, 2005

The badger tempted me ... but I resisted

So I head over to Badger's blog to check out the state of things in the state of Texas, and I find that Badger is suffering from a TMI attack. Apparently one of the popular Mommy bloggers has been treating the world at large to an apparently incredibly vivid and detailed description of her baby's poop.

Well, I'm not heading over there. Even though I'll bet twenty bucks that I know exactly which Mommy did it. I'm even sure I have the offending blog in my links list. I'm on record as not being able to handle ugly baby pictures. So I'm so not going over to go find out about the excrement situation.

I just want some assurance. Someone please tell me that the Mommies who post pictures of their ugly babies are not also posting pictures of the contents of their ugly babies' diapers.



  1. Dude, it was not just that one mommy, but another mommy as well! Both on the same day! And the second mommy had pictures (the first did not, mercifully).

    There outta be a law.

  2. Just the concept of "popular blogger Mommies" is enough to make me nauseated.

    PS You & Badge, et al. are not Blogger Mommies, but rather, Mommies who blog which ain't the same thang.


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