Sunday, February 19, 2006

Nothing to see here, folks.

This morning I woke up with a vague feeling of malaise--a sense of something not quite right about the cranium. Cotton mouth ... headache ... total lack of appetite ... even more desire than usual for vast amounts of caffeine.

The hell?

Then I remembered. This is what a hangover feels like.

Last night we went to my friend Liz's semi-annual Loud Dinner Party. She invites all her loudest girlfriends (big surprise that I was invited, right?) and their much quieter husbands and has a big gumbo dinner. There were fourteen of us there, and I happen to know that we killed over two magnums of champagne. Before dinner. And then had wine with. And then there was the port afterwards.

This morning I'm guzzling a lot of tea. And reading blogs. Be gentle with me, please.


  1. ...we were at the Belgian neighbor's a few weeks ago. six of us finished twelve bottles -- AND THEN sent K up the block for more.
    it took a couple of days to recover.

  2. Best thing to do for a hangover is THROW UP. Coffee though....oh my gosh, I LOVE coffee & had to quit drinking it. But now, thanks to this wonderful post, I think I'll go use my Starbucks giftcard & buy me a cup. See, your hangover was good for something. :)

  3. You need a turkey sandwich on wheat toast. And more coffee.

    Sounds like a lovely party. Was it truly deafening?

  4. Bacon is good.

    The grease helps cut the acid after a hangover.


    <3 Asian Lep, M.D.

  5. But was there singing and tap dancing?


  6. You, too? Here's what I remember from last night:
    * drinking rather a lot of tequila with Bookhart and Malcontent Mama
    * breaking something
    * telling the story of where the name Badger came from, something I will only do while VERY drunk

    And ... that's pretty much it. I hope I had fun.

  7. First , remove any objects from your hands or close to you that u could throw at me....
    I am 43..I don't drink often but in the past when I did my fare share of partying and incoherant ranting or even now when I get a good buzz on...I HAVE NEVER HAD A HANG OVER...never..ever
    I guess I can be thankfull for not having become a lush or alcoholic lol...


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