Wednesday, June 27, 2007

When geeks marry geeks, this is the last thing you expect to hear:

Me: So ... are you liking camp?
My son: Yeah!
Me: What do you like best about it?
My son: The sports.

Considering that in this household, a sunny, breezy, 78 degree summer day is considered to be the perfect day to sit by a window and read, and my husband and I sit companionably in the living room of an evening playing with our laptops, while one child plays Nintendo DS and the other one plays GameCube games ... well, I'm speechless.


  1. We, too, are an extremely geek family. (It was not unusual for us to sit at the dinner table when the kids were in elementary school playing guess the element by the periodic table abbreviation.. UGH!!) My kids flat out refuse to go to any normal camp; it's gotta be Space Camp,or a computer camp. Our media room contains 3 desktop and two notebook computers. (Everyone has to have their own; hub has two; one work, one personal) A TV for video games. (I LOOOVE the Wii!) Bookcases, and school supplies. And a recliner and reading lamp. It's almost sad. But I firmly believe the geek shall inherit the earth!

  2. HAHAHA! Reminds me of that sitcom with Michael J. Fox - the Keaton family. Was it Growing Pains?

    Anyway, too funny!

  3. Look for an empty pod of approximate Master Buxom size.



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