Saturday, July 14, 2007

And now, I would like to thank the little people ...

So that reporter from North Shore Magazine and I had a little chat on the telephone, and I guess that means I've been interviewed. You know--officially.

See, I've decided that there are two ways to be asked questions. One is when someone asks you a kind of predictable question, where you've actually thought about it a little bit, and you can come up with a normal-sounding answer:

Friend of Nine-Year-Old Poppy: So, Poppy--what do you want to be when you grow up?
Poppy: I want to be a judge on the Miss America pageant, because, frankly, they need help. Or maybe write children's books.

Friend of Nineteen-year-old Poppy: So, Poppy ... have you given any more thought to that whole going-to-college thing?
Poppy: Not really. But I have to do something soon, because living at home sucks.

That's the normal way to get asked a question.

Then there's the interview way. I think interviewers are supposed to surprise--or, in extreme cases, blindside--you with questions that you've never thought of, to get you to say something really juicy and memorable.

So this guy asked me what was the weirdest thing about me. And I couldn't think what it was. Not because I think I'm normal, mind you. No, it's because I'm a veritable Symphony in Weirdness. I mean, where do I begin? Exactly.

So if you have any insights, do me a favor and tell me. Because right now, the only thing I can think of is that I never watch TV.


  1. I probably would've answered something along the lines of "Either that sixth toe on my left foot or my vestigial tail."

    Neither of which is true, of course. But when asked weird, random questions, I think it's perfectly acceptable to answer in weird, random, not necessarily true ways.

    As long as you make it clear that you are just kidding.

  2. I guess I don't think of you as weird. Charming, funny, outrageous, marching to the beat of your own etc., but not weird.

    Unless you count what you do with guacamole in the full moon...

  3. OMG, I don't watch tv either! I didn't know that made me weird. *boggle*

  4. I need some time with you in person to answer this.

  5. Here, let me help.

    1- You let your children spend a weekend in the care of people you met on the Internet.

    2- That whole Georgette Heyer thing.

    3- You forged an arranged marriage for your daughter on the strength of a Harold Lloyd reference.

    4- You laugh at my jokes.

    5- You do not laugh at my sartorial proclivities. Not much, anyway.

    6a- You (and a strange man whom you had never met offline) were highjacked by a rogue tow truck driver, taken to a garage of which you had never heard of and you agreed to let them repair your car.

    6b- You accepted a ride from the garage owner that would have shamed most rollercoaster designers.

    7- You are on my short list of kidney and marrow donation recipients.

    8- You renovated a kitchen 16 states away. Practically by Braille.

    9- You don't watch TV, but then you sprint out and buy the DVDs of the shows you didn't watch.

    10- You're my pal.


  6. These are all so good that I'm inspired.

    I'm going to combine my list of weird things with blackbird's eight things meme, thus--weirdly enough--killing two birds with one stone.


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