Saturday, May 17, 2008

10 good things about today

1. Commute downtown shorter than expected.
2. Rehearsal was shorter than expected
3. Went away for weekend but did not forget telephone, laptop, and iPod chargers.
4. Apartment is clean.*
5. Appliances are working.
6. Finished a book.
7. Rediscovered Tom Petty music video DVD.
8. Husband adores me.
9. Thai food delivered.
10. Vodka martinis.

* Actually, I cleaned it. And it took me about five hours. But what really counts is that I look around and don't want to throw up.


  1. Mmmm. Thai food delivered. *drool*

  2. What? No Manhattans? Are you turning vegetarian?



  3. I love that Thai place.

    If you had a Swiffer it would only have taken 4 hours.

  4. ALL phenomenal reasons to post a "happy list!"

  5. flea: Oh, yeah. Vietnamese spring rolls and Almond Beef--Nom nom nom.

    Joke: Blame That Stud Muffin I Married. He made himself a vodka martini while I was burined in headphones and a score. When I unearthed myself, it seemed easier to drink what he was drinking.

    BB: Surely you jest. The map of Paris is still resting on the back of the living room sofa. We don't do new, different, or basically, anything that requires change.

    Melissa: I could have added "11. My husband was in charge of the children all day while I traveled, rehearsed, and cleaned house," but I didn't want to look like an unnatural mother.

  6. Move #10 up to #1. Don't forget the three olives. Forget the rest.


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