Saturday, December 20, 2008

We've reached the time of year when nobody is reading blogs, but that's OK because I've got things to do.

And you will be so proud of me because I did a bunch of them!

For example, remember how I felt bad that I didn't make plans for a sixth grade advisory party for my daughter's class? Well, Friday was a snow day, so it didn't matter. Because there was no school! So the teachers don't even know that I had no party planned, no cupcakes ordered, no presents bought for them. And now my kids can show up at school on January 5th with presents for the teachers and we'll look like nice, normal, generous organized people!

Sometimes even the shittiest weather is your friend.

Oh, and Friday was my husband's birthday, except he was out of town in Delaware doing something legal-ly. And there was all this snow all over our steps and front walk and driveway, and I was freaking out about it, because I am not about to shovel the driveway myself, and I can't figure out how to use the snow-blower, and my kids? Are useless. Even my son. Especially my son. Because his boots are two sizes too small for him. But who can go out and buy boots when there's a foot of snow on the ground? Or make her son shovel snow wearing his Merrells?

OK, pan in on Poppy sitting at the dining room table doing a last minute Mamarazzi entry. She looks up and behold! Those annoying neighbors who do everything right have a snowplowing service plowing their driveway.

Well, for me to put on my son's snow boots (that are too small for him but fit me just fine) and run over and snag them to do my driveway was the work of an instant.

And oh my God, they did such a fabulous job and only charged me $60 for the driveway and the front and back steps. So I paid them the $60 and gave each of the guys an extra $20 and most important of all, got their business card. For future reference. We've never managed to find anyone reliable to do our driveway. I'm thrilled.

And I'm not alone. My husband, to whom I gave a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black and an iPod Classic 120G for his birthday? Thinks the snow plowing service is the best birthday present of his life.

OK, so all my weather-related stress was over. So then I sat at my laptop and ordered a buttload of Christmas presents. Nintendo DS, Wii games, Bratz dolls, you name it.

And my cards showed up from Snapfish, so I started doing them, too. And I've written about 30 of them. So there.

So OK. Still no Christmas tree. But lots of progress.

You're relieved, right?


  1. I can only imagine the shipping fees.

    You might actually pull it off!

  2. I believe that's a whole series of Christmas miracles!

  3. Congratulations! You have snatched victory from the black yawning maw of Christmas preparation! Hooray!

  4. I had faith all along. I have found that almost nothing is so severe that enough money thrown at it can't solve it. (Double negative there, sorry, to lazy to fix it.)
    The snow blower fellows are a SCORE! That tasty tip you gave them will mean they'll show up first to Chez Poppy.

  5. yea, what bb said.

    I made 4 dozen crumble cakes for Shortman's Spanish class Thursday night. Now I'm looking for someone to give them to because of that snow day.

  6. you rocked it! I knew you could.

    I would pay $100 for a snow plowing service right now.


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