Friday, February 06, 2009

OMG! Lourdes looks so much like Madonna.

And I just realized something--Lourdes also looks just like my daughter. And yet, somehow, I don't look like Madonna. Go figure.

Anyway, I posted about Lourdes and Madonna this morning, and now I'm desperately cramming my suitcase with a whole lot of clean underwear (but forgetting my toothbrush) because after I get my kids off to school, I'm flying to Nashville to go to BlissDom.

So Blissdom ladies, if you're reading this? And you're wondering what I look like? You know what you need to know. I do not look like Madonna. In fact, I look more like Minnie Pearl. You know, the old lady from the Grand Ol' Opry who always had a price tag hanging from her hat?

Yeah, see, because I had to go out and buy all new clothes to wear to BlissDom, because I've gotten so unMadonna-like that my old clothes were way too tight. So if you're at BlissDom and you see someone who doesn't look like Madonna and still has the price tags on her clothes, that's me. Come say hello.


  1. Time flies. I didn`t think her daughter would be that old yet.

  2. Yeah, I didn't think she's be that grown, too. ASk me how old that make me feel. Wait a minute, I AM getting kind of up there...
    Good luck to you!!

  3. You will never look like Minnie Pearl. Have a great weekend.

  4. Attention: Poppy looks NOTHING like Minnie Pearl and very much like JULIA ROBERTS. WITH BOOBS.
    And I hope you are all lucky enough to meet her.

    (Enjoy, Poppy!)

  5. Don't think you want to look like Ms.M..and you look much better, I know cause I saw you...B

  6. Dear Julia Roberts With Boobs,

    Lourdes needs to see an aesthetician about those eyebrows.

  7. You rock SO much more than Madonna! Great having lunch with you and dancing in the lounge on Saturday. :)

  8. I just wanted to pop in and say it was lovely to meet you this weekend at Blissdom! You are one Vivacious woman!

  9. and you looked totally fab! not minnie pearl at.all.

    completely, fantastically, timeless.

  10. Dude. You are much hotter than Madonna and she wishes she had your smarts. SO COOL TO MEET YOU IRL. Can't wait until Chicago. Party hats. WT Names. We are there.


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