Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The afterglow, or, it's too bad I don't smoke because in the movies? People would be sitting up in bed having a cigarette.

OK, I know what you're dying to know: how did Young Master Buxom do in Beauty and the Beast?

After all, I've only been mentioning on Twitter, emails , telephone calls and this blog that the rehearsal schedule was killing me him. Because, you know, it wasn't enough for him to play the male lead. Or for me to help with vocal coaching. No, I had to decide to help the costume committee, too.

This means last week we survived Easter only to be pitchforked into the tech rehearsal, two dress rehearsals, two performances on Thursday, the Friday performance where Young Master Buxom played a Villager, a Plate, and a Confused Noise Within, until finally--tah-dah--the Saturday night performance where he played the Beast.

Well, he did fabulously well. And all the girls (and women) in town are crushing on him. I mean this. Well, maybe not about the girls, but the grown-up ladies keep exclaiming over how talented and gorgeous he is.

I could go all faux-modest on you all, but actually, I soak up that kind of thing like a sponge. I mean, not only am I his proud mother, I am apparently such a notable stage mother that I'm glad Ethel Merman is dead, because otherwise she'd be playing me on Broadway.

So. Feel free to keep my comment box humming with congratulatory remarks. I've got a bottomless appetite for that kind of thing, and I need the internet to supplement the local supply of glad cries and hugs. And listen, don't worry that I'll be ungrateful. When Young Master Buxom becomes a big star, I'll reward you, his earliest fans, with his autograph, or my autograph, or my impression of Ethel Merman singing "Funny" from Gypsy, or maybe just a cocktail napkin with directions to my sister's house scribbled on it.

(Note to Jen: there will be no Barbies. Capisci?)


  1. Beautiful boy!

  2. Such a handsome young man.

    Congrats to all on getting through the performance with flying colors!

  3. Totally hot. Congratulations on his new stardom!

  4. Go Sir Buxom! The keys to the kingdom are on their way to him, I am sure. You deserve to be proud!

  5. Well, of course he was spectacular. And gorgeous. Look at his mom. ;-)

    Congratulations to Young Master Buxom.

  6. Okay but did he have a good birthday? That's what I want to know.

  7. Yay, another Buxom star is born!

    DirtMonkey has a play tomorrow. Even though it's earnest, honest portrayal, I don't think Moon #3 is going to be his breakout role.

  8. The hair! Totally increases his hotness! And he can sing? He must have girls eating out of his hand! Congratulations, Poppy! A star is born!

  9. Congrats to Master Buxom! And WTG on playing a Noise Within. In my first play, I was a Falling Object.

  10. OOH I love plays!! And, for the record, I always think the lead is hot - because they are actors.

    He has a great future ahead of him!

  11. OMG R U Blonde???

  12. He does rock the Prince Charming look. Dang. And a voice to go with it? Stand back, Zac and Robert!

  13. So this is the stuff I miss when I avoid the computer for ages.

    He looked great! And I'm so impressed you worked on the costume committee. I get dragged into that EVERY SINGLE TIME.


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