Thursday, May 07, 2009

What happens when you channel Ernest Hemingway. Or John Wayne. Maybe.

You get terse.

We're mostly over all the sickness. Random coughing still erupts, but I ignore it.

My son is about to graduate from eighth grade. Mostly I am underwhelmed by the whole "graduation" aspect of it. But the "my son is about to start high school part" has me breaking out in a sweat.

The same son asked me today what "teabagging" is. I didn't know.

I introduced him to Now he knows that when I act cool, I'm only faking it.

My husband is working late a lot. He just got off a conference call.

It's time for wine and Battlestar Gallactica.



  1. I think even if you did know what it meant, you would have wanted to introduce him to urban dictionary. Cause who wants to have that conversation with their kid/parent?

  2. I know. What an invaluable resource! I'll never have to explain what "pulling a train" means.

  3. well shit! now I have to look up "pulling a train" - I can't stand when other people know about trendy stuff and I don't....

  4. Yeah, I made the mistake of giggling when CNN was talking about the whole 'teabagging' stuff last month. My father in law was sitting in the living room staring at me with no idea why I was laughing...


  5. Wait til they start playing that graduation march and then tell me how "underwhelmed" you are. THROUGH YOUR TEARS.

  6. And here I was thinking maybe it had something to do with Prison Break. (You know, T-Bag and all that.)

    I'm so not looking forward to this day...*hopes her 2 year old stays naive for a loooooong time!*

  7. Uf. I'm not a fan of graduations--especially the ones where it's a given. Like any grade before 12.


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