Monday, November 09, 2009

Why I need to visit my friendly neighborhood optician

People, what with the not-letting-my-kids-flunk-out-of-school morass I've fallen into, I'm surprised I have time to read anything at all. Ever. But one moment recently, probably while I was sitting in my car waiting for a child, I fired up the email program on my iPhone.

Hooray! A comment on my blog!

Which I couldn't read. I kept tapping the screen trying to make it bigger, but no matter how big it was, it still looked like that thing where people visit a website, type something in, uʍop ǝpısdn suɹnʇ ƃuıʇıɹʍ ɹıǝɥʇ puɐ.

So I went home and checked my email on my laptop, and the writing wasn't upside down. It was Cyrillic.

This means two things. No, three:

  1. If you don't blog for a while, people stop leaving comments, and when they do leave comments, they're in Russian.
  2. Why do I spend what feels like the entire morning photoshopping Joe Jackson's hat and sunglasses onto a dog? So that people will head to Mamarazzi and comment. In Russian, if possible. Hey, it's a hobby. Other people knit--I troll for Russian comments.
  3. I obviously need to get new glasses so I can tell upside-down writing from Cyrillic. But rest assured, I will not be going to Joe Jackson's optician.


  1. I understand...if you stop blogging/commenting you're in the dark.

    Have fun with the Russian :D

  2. If I wasn't so EXHAUSTED from helping my MIDDLE SCHOOLER with math I DON'T understand, i would comment more.

    My head hurts. Pass the vodka.

    (This post made me laugh out loud.)

  3. Hi, I just followed a link from Vodka Mom to this post. Don't you just love those odd ball random comments?

  4. Always wanted to learn Russian, perhaps I will stop blogging and posting comments.

    Than VM for the tweet on this blog.

  5. If you need translation head on over to Crepe Bistro at Wells and Lake, lots of Russian speaking employees.

    Visited there last month for their Russian sing along night's the kicker..$5 martinis.

  6. The Mayor says those $5 martinis tasted like $4 martinis. The Russian was probably trying to sell you a bride or a larger penis. If I lived there, I'd tutor your kid. Parents shouldn't try to do homework with their kids, it just leads to crime statistics increases.

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  9. I haven't dropped by in quite some time, but think of you often. If that makes a difference.


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