Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bullets Thursday

• There's a stretch of sidewalk on the street where my church is that has always struck me as an accident waiting to happen. It's one of the few places in town that can be described as a hill. In places the cement has heaved, so the surface isn't as smooth as it should be. In the summer when the leaves are out, the streetlights don't really do much of anything. In the winter, when it's already dark, the crazy sidewalk develops patches of black ice. Downward slope + crazy sidewalk + darkness + ice = guess who wiped out tonight on her way to choir?

• And it was a full-on wipe-out, too. I was glad I was wearing a down jacket and thick mittens, because the padding helped protect the upper half of my body. But I hit the sidewalk pretty hard with my left knee (take that, stupid sidewalk!) and ripped my jeans.

• And I have a feeling I'm going to be very sore tomorrow.

• I don't know whether you've noticed, but I'm doing Blog365 again.

• I'm picking up the slack from Badger, who did it in 2009.

• Badger is number five in the Babble mommyblogger write-ins.

• I nominated her, and she's gone from number 365 to number 5. This may be the single most impressive thing I've done in the five years I've been blogging.

• If you think I'm exaggerating, come back tomorrow, when I'll probably be reduced to posting pictures of the owie on my left knee.


  1. Congratulations on your blogging accomplishment! She was a worthy blogger to honor this way--and not overrated like much of the competition.

  2. I've had that very same fall. In fact, I managed to do it three times in one year -- fall (stepped on an acorn), spring (slipped on something wet), and fall (another damn acorn). All three times, I injured the same knee in the same place. I have a lovely scar now.

    I hope you're okay. I prescribe wine, gourmet treats, and something entertaining on your DVD player.

  3. Sometimes you fall down.
    I've seen it.
    Hope you have some Arnica ointment for that knee!


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