Friday, April 30, 2010

Just when my blogging friend blackbird is bragging about how productive I am, or, irony in action

Oh, internet, you know I love you, but I'm having a few problems with my next eye shadow post. And it has nothing to do with all the M.A.C. shadows I just bought over the internet. I am not freaking out AT ALL that M.A.C. gives their shadows all kinds of unique names like Wedge and Cork and Bamboo and Corduroy and then when you order 15 of them, it tuns out they're all exactly the same color.

(Some makeup expert I turned out to be.)

Also, I really want to scan in some pictures from some out of print books I have on makeup. I dug up a couple of excellent diagrams of the general eye area, with very clear instructions on where to put which shade of shadow. They would be so helpful. But I can't get my scanner to work.

Also, LPC kind of derailed me with a question about lilac-colored eyeshadow; specifically, whether it's OK for us old broads to wear it. (My answer is yes, of course, but only with due diligence about shimmer. And unless you're planning to star in a remake of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, I'll terminate glittery lilac-colored eyeshadow with extreme prejudice.)

So I'm getting way behind on my posting. For example, I have plans to start a regimen that I'll do for an entire month, so I can report back with a truthful, objective review (albeit marred by parenthetical remarks in italics.) I bought a Murad Get the Glow! Resurgence kit, as well as a couple of other supposedly miraculous products. I was planning to post about them on May 1st, and now I'm all BEHIND.

Capital letters were designed by the ancient Romans to express FRUSTRATION.

And now I have to go to see lovely Tony at Pascal Pour Elle (he's completely adorable) to get a blow-out because I have two cocktail parties to attend tonight.



  1. Go get that blow out! Far be it that we, the little people of the internets, should disturb your busy party schedule.

    But enough about you. What can I do about these hated age spots I am getting on my 52 year old hands

  2. No worries Poppy. If I derailed you, we're even, because your post brought me inexorably to the Saks makeup counter where a tall Russian man with better eyebrows than I told me I COULD NOT wear lilac eyeshadow and sold me yet another set of Chanel brownish goldish shadows with a little blue highlight friend. Can we all say cash sink?

  3. lilac - I noticed the strong presence of this color on the eyelids of the entire nurse jackie cast. am I the only one to noctice this? and the cast is not the youngest!

    I will stay tuned for the oncoming postings! looking forward to reading them all!

  4. Oh my goodness! I just posted at No Excuses Fashion today about wanting to wear lavender eye shadow to a wedding next weekend. You may have just helped me make up my mind! X

  5. M.A.C. should clearly state the colours so online shopping is pleasant and fool exasperating!
    Lilac, lavender...I'd try that too...but I need the tutorial!
    LPC...I think you have the skin and hair that lilac would love!
    I am a 55 year old with hooded eyelids...maybe not shadow, maybe liner solo?
    After the blow out...enjoy the soirees.

  6. Oh, Poppy: it's not the brazilian blow out is it? cuz if it is I will be one jealous B.

  7. Yay for blow-out support! Of course, my evening is being lacerated by my daughter's lack of cooperation, but that's teenagers for you.

    Crazy Mom Tats--did we exchange hands? Because I'm starting to notice FRECKLES. Yes, that's a euphemism. Hey, there's a new line of hand products out there now--just saw it in this month's More magazine. I'll report back.

    LPC: If it's any consolation, the internet has been robbing me blind for years.

    Paula: I think Nurse Jackie is supposed to look terrible. The billboards certainly do.

    Kalisa: See how fast it's spreading? Lavender eyeshadow is making Swine Flu look like an amateur.

    Thanks, Hostess, I hope the parties are worth the blow-out!

    No, Empress, it's a regular old American blow-out. My hair is pretty straight and frizz-free. Also, I'm from New England and am now permanently embarrassed by salon treatments with "Brazil" in the name.

  8. Isn't this all a FABULOUS excuse to purchase EVEN MORE makeup?
    (In Tuvalu, ALL CAPS are used to express excitement.)

  9. Not exactly knowing what colour you are meaning by lilac - but if it's a pinkish colour it can be worn by a cool skinned person with blue eyes. If it's more a purple colour then often works best in a muted mauve version on a warm person with greenish eyes.

    Best leave the glittery stuff and step away slowly. Matte is more likely to flatter.

  10. Say what you like....diagrams or no, I enjoyed your musings immensely.

  11. Oh Poppy, take your time, have a drink (or two, or MORE).
    None of us will go anywhere.
    Didn't you realize that by now?

  12. Oh, I did enjoy myself!!!11!! And what do you know--when I woke up this morning, I had smoky eyes just like Gwyneth Paltrow's at the 1992 Oscars (cast your mind back, grasshoppers--she had her hair in braids wrapped around her head and was wearing the infamous black dress that made her breasts look like pork chops.)

  13. Dahling! We now you have three kids, a hubby, various charity work, choirs, car pools, etc. Don't fret! Causes worry lines and then you will have to post about Botox.

    I await your findings. Can't find a shade without shimmer to save my life!

  14. ...breasts look like pork chops? lolol. You have such a way with words. Too late to wish you a fabulous time tomight so hope you had one instead.

  15. I have been told to wear lavendar on my aged eyelids, but can't seem to find it without shimmer even when it doesn't look like it has shimmer and am told it doesn't have shimmer - your help, please.


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