Friday, December 15, 2006

Is Beta Bettah?

1. I'm not here today; I'm over at Mamarazzi making fun of Melissa Etheridge. Unless I'm admiring Melissa and Tammy and making fun of Angelina Jolie. Or maybe I'm mocking Tom Cruise. Whatever. Go read it and figure it out for yourselves.

2. Every time I try to log in to Blogger, they remind me that Blogger Beta is available, and I can switch. In fact, they won't shut up about it. So I know that I can switch any time I want to. But do I want to?


  1. Whew. As a guilty Mamarazza myself I applaud the rare variance from our All-Britney format.

    I finally switched to beta Blogger because I was tired of the badgering. Also because Blogger seemed to be preventing me from posting my wonderful comments.

    It does load your posts much faster. Otherwise, I don't really see the benefits but they say there are some somewhere...

  2. I get the same invitation every day too -
    and then when I say yes, I will switch, they tell me they can't do it - that my blog is too big.
    So, good luck with that.

  3. I did it just so they'd leave me the fuck alone.

    It has a few features that are okay (fewer steps to get to dashboard and editing past posts , better spellcheck feature) but it doesn't keep you logged in when commenting on other blogs and when you put in the log-in info, your comment vanishes. HIGHLY ANNOYING.

    I vote "meh".

  4. I made the switch; meh. It doesn't keep you logged in either, SS? Hmmm... thought it was just me. It doesn't "remember me" either, so if I close IE, when I open it back up and go to my blog to rant, I have to log in again. *stomps foot*

  5. I get the same invite but so far have resisted.

    and people? I have two words for you: MOZILLA FIREFOX.

    It remembers me like a bartender remembers a regular, and serves me up my rum-and-Coke, no lime, with nary a lapsed second.

  6. Oh yeah, the beta Blogger will kindly stick that ugly blue nav bar on the top of your blog. I had to email my blog designer to get rid of it.

    Also, the spellcheck told me that it had finished checking. Then I found a boatload of typos.

    Perhaps I'm just not handy with this computer stuff?

  7. Gotta second what BB said; Mozilla Firefox.
    And if you get a login cue when you are trying to comment, highlight your comment, hit 'control and c' to copy, then log in which should automatically take you back to an empty comment box; hit 'control and v' to paste and VOILA! You are done except for that annoying WV thing.

    I can't remember before Beta so I dunno. My blog is tiny. And I don't use spellcheck.

  8. Beta Blogger won't let me come and join... the badger the hell out of me and then, when I try to switch, they tell me they can't... my blog is too stupid or something...

  9. I like labels--it makes me feel all organized (it must be the librarian in me.) So, for that alone, for me, beta is betta.

    And I agree with BB on Firefox. It's the only way to blog. (I use IE for email purposes...)


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