Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Stop me if I've used this graphic before ...

... but this is what 50 looks like.

That's right. This is a picture of me. And I turned fifty this morning! Of course, I don't usually dress like this. In this picture I'm wearing my George Burns in Drag costume.

All right. I'll stop lying. It's not me. But I did turn 50.

So listen to me, you blogging whippersnappers. I think a little respect is called for in these part, now that I'm the Venerable Poppy. No more of this cheekiness, you hear? I'm practically a member of the AARP.

And be prepared for a LOT of wisdom. After all, I've had even more time than you to ponder and distill my opinions on a wide variety of subjects. And I'd tell you all about arthritis and refinancing mortgages and other subjects so dear to the middle-aged, except right now I'm frantically looking for my cell phone so I can charge it before I go out tonight to act like a moron in front of 122 people.

Oh, and eventually, I'd upload pictures of my birthday loot, which is of a quality to make Joke soil himself (due to the frightening uptick in wifely expectations that will result when That Fabulous Babe He Married sees what That Stud Muffin I Married bought me.)

But as I said, I'm busy.

So quit screwing around and wish an old bag a happy birthday.


  1. Hugs and kisses and the very best wishes from Tuvalu...

  2. Happy Birthday... can I borrow your costume?

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday, Poppisma!

  4. I should look so good when I'm 50. Four years, three months and 16 days from now. But who's counting?

    Happy, happy day to you!

  5. Happy happy birthday Poppy dear!!!!


  6. That is SO not what 50 looks like. I'm 54 and I look much older and more tired!

    Seriously, happy birthday and 50 is the new 30. You'll love it. You're now a wise elder, just like me.

  7. I was 50 three years ago. Ain't No Thang.
    You have now joined the ranks of the
    Fuck-It-All 50's. But I suspect you didn't wait 'til today to join. Good for you.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Bring on the wisdom!

  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. The way she's sucking on that cigar... It's so HOT.

    Happy B-Day, Poppy!

  11. Happy Birthday.

    I long for your bustiness. If I had them I would rule the world.

  12. Dan,

    This is just a hunch--a wild surmise on my part--but somehow, I suspect that my rack would look a bit out of place with the rest of your anatomy.

    (I mean it! My skin tone really doesn't work with blonde hair.)

  13. Only the good die young so I figure we have a shitload of partying together years ahead of us.

    Happy Half-Centennial, woman!

  14. Happy Happy Birthday!

  15. That's odd; I turned 30 two days before you turned 50, and I looked exactly like you in this picture. What are the odds?

  16. no way! fifty! I don't believe you.

    Happy brithday!

    BUT - I was at an estate sale recently and picked you up something, so email me your real adddress (if you dare, but I swear I am normal-ish and wont stalk you or anything...) and I will send it to you as a belated birthday gift...

  17. I sent you a real e-card, plus the loot I am dragging up theah.

    Which makes me VERY glad TFBIM's birthday party rolled around before your birthday, so maybe I got off lightly. I am prepared to clench bits of my person in fear for my wallet's future.


    The Jokes love ya.


  18. Several days late, but happy birthday! Nice outfit!

  19. I'm WICKIT late sending you happy birthday wishes, but I haven't checked your blog in a few days. I'm picturing you doing the Molly Shannon character on SNL, the one who throws her leg up in the air and says "Ahm FIFTY and Ah LOVE it!!!"

    -- Mad.


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