Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Oh good! Can I go back to work now?"

Listen people. I've got nothing.

The same thing just happened that happened this time last year. I made it through six straight months of non-stop Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/birthdays/Valentine's Day/Easter/Spring Break/do-this/do-that/hey you! you're out of step! ... and then my son's birthday was over. And I had free time.

Did I spend this free time out in the fresh air, enjoying our shit-ass lovely Chicago so-called "spring"?

I did not.

Conversely, did I spend it coming up with witty blog entries? Duh, no. I did not.

Frankly, I've been sitting around in slack-jawed amazement that I don't have too much crap to do. And I've been playing with StumbleUpon. Which is making me feel all nostalgic for those early, amazing days of the world wide web, when I'd browse through the virtual on-line Louvre--at 1200 baud, no less--not because I was some kind of art history freak, but because it was there.

So anyway, I've been finding all kinds of cool shit. And so, I leave you with this YouTube clip:


  1. That's the coolest video ever.

  2. Cool video. But stuff like Stumbleupon gets me in SO much trouble!

  3. Oh, Poppy, what have you gotten me into now?

    I love StumbleUpon. And now I must tear myself awwwwayyyy...

  4. Yeah, the one great thing about the early days of the web was that stalkers were blatant and obvious.

  5. Wait a minute.

    Does this mean you've figured out I'm stalking you?

    Damn ... now I have to come up with another log on ID.

  6. Guess that means the big dinner party where nobody shows up is a bust?


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