Sunday, June 10, 2007

Shake it

Yesterday, in my ongoing quest for some relaxing down time, we went out for Thai food.

It was delicious. See how cleaned the plates are?

Also, notice the green stuff my husband was drinking? That's green tea bubble tea. He had never heard of bubble tea, so I explained the concept ("It's like drinking and eating at the same time!") and because this restaurant doesn't have a liquor license, he ordered it.

He actually did a pretty good job with it.

I ordered the mango version. Not very tea-like, and I was expecting tapioca that looked like tapioca, not dark, scary-looking, very bland berries.

And somehow I'll bet it was fattening. Way more fattening than "tea" is supposed to be.

Which brings me to today's rant. Have you noticed America's milkshake mania? Come on, restaurant owners, what's with the frappucinos and blizzards and smoothies and this mango bubble "tea" concoction--does everything have to be a milkshake? Big fattening creamy shakey drinks are everywhere these days. I'm waiting for someone to invent the Lemon Drop Martini Smoothie.

Dear dead Diana Vreeland would no doubt label the current zeitgeist a "Shake Quake!" And she, God bless her, would have the common sense to steer well away from it. The goddamned things probably contain 800 calories a teaspoon. Plus there's just no way they have enough caffeine.


  1. I agree 1000%.

    Although I must admit a Lemon Drop Martini Smoothie sounds kinda good...

    Just as a blended drink, though. Not with any of that added milkshake-a-chino crappe.

  2. Not sure that I can whip up a Lemon Drop Martini Smoothie, but I am pretty sure that I could make one into a gelato! And as for a smoothie, how about a Smooth White Russian? Or a Watermelon Cosmopolitan Slushy? (I particularly like the "slushy" paired with the cosmo there:-)


  3. Sounds interesting enough to try but that green thing looks positively nauseating, lol. I am not a fan of tapioca pudding so not sure what I would think of drinking it. I gross my kids out when they eat the pudding by calling it fish eye pudding. eeww

  4. And Suzanne, I believe the technical term for that would be... crappucino.

    (ok.. sorry.. couldn't resist, lol)


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