Friday, January 11, 2008

I can't make the funny.

One of my best and oldest Internet friends is in the hospital. I just discovered something. This is where internet friendship gets frustrating ... I am scared witless--even more witless than usual--because my friend is so far away, and my computer, which made our friendship possible, can't help me get in touch with her.


  1. Oh Poppy. I'm waving good thoughts all over the internet hoping it will find your friend (who may just be someone we all know and love).


  2. Oh, no, Poppy!

    Best thoughts and good hopes for you and your friend.

  3. I'm really sorry and hope that your friend will be okay.

  4. I am sure she knows you are thinking about her and sending good vibes. She is probably wishing the very same thing that you are; that you could just reach right through the computer with a hug.

  5. Well, at least you get to see blackbird this evening. Hopefully that will help cheer and comfort you.

    I hope you hear from your internet friend soon and she's doing better. Hang in there!


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