Tuesday, March 04, 2008

... going, going ...

A few signs of spring appeared to have shown up--finally--so today I uncurled from the fetal position and looked around cautiously.

Yes, it was definitely sunnier. And the day was lasting longer. And the ice ... was it actually melting?

Time to get back to de-junking.

This morning a guy drove up in a truck from one of the local church rummage sales and took the following:

  • an art deco mahogany bar
  • a mid-century teak desk
  • a white wicker computer hutch with matching desk chair
  • an arm chair

Then the guy from FreeCycle showed up and took:

  • two old air-conditioners

Then I got busy in the basement and threw out two trash bags of crap. And two or three brown paper grocery bags of recyclable paper.

On Thursday another guy is coming to take away:

  • the big-ass giant air conditioning unit that used to uglify the dining room window.

Next Tuesday I'm going to fill up the back of my smoking hot minivan and drive to Oak Park, IL, where the 19th Century Club is generously accepting donations of any old computer crap I want to donate. They will be getting:

  • my son's old IBM desktop and printer
  • my old Mac Centris and printer
  • my old Mac iBook
  • my old Hewlett Packard laptop
  • probably a couple of other old Macs down in the basement but I'm skeered to go count them
  • assorted peripherals and cables

Now if I could just stay away from the Pepperidge Farm Bordeaux cookies--by far the single greatest cookie known to mankind--this would be a lose/lose situation.

Instead of a lose/gain situation.

Still, my front porch is looking remarkably less like the set for Sanford and Son. And my basement has a lot less junk in its trunk.

If only I did.


  1. Um, the art-deco mahogany bar alone has to weigh the same as a zillion cookies.....

    look at it that way. It's happier!

  2. I find this post so depressing.
    I have a basement full of crappe and I AM SCARED to go down there.

  3. The one good thing I've discovered about living in a tiny ny apartment is not having a basement to store all things that have outlived their usefulness. We basically have to get rid of something first in order to buy something new, or we'd be sleeping in the bathtub inside of a month.

  4. I have to de-junk my house in the next six months and it's going be a pain in the ass. Oddly, I am looking forward to it. Want to come help? :-)

  5. The sun seems to be having the same effect on me. I keep foisting bags of baby clothes on anyone who will take them. The old dining set finally left the house last Friday and a family down the street took our old crib. I've been taking in Girl Scout thin mints - frozen.


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