Monday, June 23, 2008

Wonder Bread goes Hawaiian

Have you ever felt so standard, bourgeois, preppy, and boring that you might as well go out on Halloween as a loaf of Wonder Bread?

Or is it just me?

Well, this loaf of white bread just went to a totally whole grain, vegan Hawaiian wedding. And loved it.

Here's an appetizer. When the photographer looks like this

the photographer

and the centerpiece on the head table looks like this

the head table centerpiece

and the bride and groom look like this

the bride and groom

you attain a whole new level of consciousness, man.

More pictures later; we're in San Francisco right now, and I need to go out to get a soy latte, and rub myself with essential oils, and have a Thai Yoga massage, and get a high colonic, and eat my chakras readjusted. You know--the usual.


  1. If you do any of those things I'll be stunned.

  2. FAR OUT MAN!!
    Is that centerpiece a watermelon?
    Can't wait to see more pictures!!

  3. The hippies called -
    they love you too.

  4. Yeah, what is that thing that is the centerpiece? Is it some kind of fertility symbol or something!
    Hopefully for your next Bay Area wedding you'll get to come into the 21st century and go to a burner wedding, as in Burning Man.

  5. They have lots of relics on the left coast, don't they? Ah the good old days. Some people just can't get with it I guess.

  6. I feel like I don't even KNOW you anymore...sob!

  7. Wait.

    Was this supposed to be over at Mamarazzi and wound up here by mistake?


  8. P.S. The photographer looks like Jimmy Buffet would, had he been adopted by Aunt Jemima.

  9. Too good.

    Watermelon art.
    Cool man.

    Have fun with your deep colonic.


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