Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More pictures from the hippy wedding

The bride and groom eloped to Hawaii on Valentine's Day, so they set up a
love altar in the gazebo so we could see what it was like to get married in Hawaii:

The love altar I


wedding presents

Some wedding presents

Aphrodite and her doves

Aphrodite and her doves

my favorite bit is the Buddha hand with a crystal heart

Buddha hand and heart

More hands, this time belonging to a massage therapist:

Henna hands

and my daughter

more family fingers

The men's group. They've been meeting for over 15 years.

Some members of the men's group

The younger generation poses with the groom.

the kids. with the groom.

Some gifts were contributed by friends. Pet the tiny Vietnamese photographer carved these centerpieces from various melons

carved watermelon centerpiece


Fruit centerpiece

There was coconut, too. In the drinks.

If you like pina coladas

See that guy behind the waitress? He looked just like Mickey Dolenz, except bald, with a full beard, and a bindi on his forehead. I was enamored of him. ENAMORED.

Luckily I had Clark Kent That Stud Muffin I Married to chaperone me.

Clark Kent goes Waikiki


  1. I wish I had had a love alter in the gazebo at my wedding.

  2. TSMYM looks pretty damn cute.
    What did YOU give the bride and groom, Miss Pulitzer?

  3. I absolutely cannot wrap my mind around wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt to a wedding. I'd be happy not to have dress up, but then I'd probably call several other guests in advance to make sure they were going casual too. Then, I'd probably put formal clothes in the car, just in case I got to the ceremony and discovered that it was all an elaborate hoax.

    Hmmm, perhaps I have some internal issues I need to deal with.

    Oh well, I'm glad the Buxom family had such a nice time!

  4. First of all, it wasn't a wedding, strictly speaking. It was a wedding celebration. And the women didn't show up in shorts. There were a lot of long cotton dresses. My daughter wore a Lilly Pulitzer dress. I wore white slacks and a beaded jersey.

    We're giving them something for the man-made pond on their property. Maybe some more koi.

  5. What a cool wedding! Come back to Chicago soon.


  6. Wow... just think what you could get for this ephemera of a long bygone age on eBay!

    Even some of the people look like antiques!

  7. It looks like a fun party, and those melons are awesomely awesome.

  8. Those melons, unlike my own, ahem are simply stunning.

    That appears to be an event of a lifetime. I'm glad that you got to experience it.

  9. Greetings from Portsmouth!

    I liked those henna tatoos. I could never have it done though. I'd giggle too much and not be able to sit still.

  10. Wendy, you are right down the street from our place in New Castle!! Do you love it? (Say yes!!!)

  11. I got married in Hawaii, but theirs looks cooler.

    I LOVE those melons!

  12. The watermelons are cool. The rockmelons make me all squidgy.

    I have my limits.

  13. OK I "get" the melon centerpiece thing now. They are ALL very lotus-y! Porn lotus melons. Daughter looks lovely in the pic. The ONLY thing missing from this celebration is a labyrinth. TSMYM does look like Clark Kent in photos. I thought I thought that up myself but now I wonder if you planted that notion in my mind years ago. Claire

  14. Those melons are amazing. The watermelon is the best one, WOW!


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