Saturday, December 27, 2008

The 12 Days of Blogmas Contest, Day 3

We've just arrived at a hotel in Syracuse, New York, after 12 hours of driving, but for me to whip out the laptop and get ready to compose today's Google Images First Line of a Christmas Carol Win an iTunes or Starbucks Gift card blog post took less time than it took to type that.

So without further ado

1. look at the following images
2. figure out which carol's first line they illustrate
3. leave a comment in the box

and if you're the first one to get it right, you win a prize.

And this time I picked something a little more obscure. Because I'm a Christmas carol hard-ass.


  1. Puzzling until my puzzler is sore. Ye're a tricky one Ms. Buxum!

  2. Is it "Merry Christmas Dad"??? I can't figure out some of the clues but I think I got two of em... which led to that weird guess.

  3. Once in Royal David's City?

  4. This is the way my brain works:

    Is that House? Okay, so House is in the first part - NAH, that's not House. I wonder when he's on again - no, not the re-runs, the real show. I don't think that's been on in a while.
    What the HELL state is that? Are those people dead? ACK- too bad his pecs are bigger than his...oh, 34th and good places to eat around there.
    Carol? What carol?

  5. Magic dragon is the winner! If you know the movie "Once" or recognize the Royal Pavilion at Brighton, you'd be in good shape. Maybe not as good as steroid dude, but OK.

  6. and here *I* was going to guess "once I'd like to shack up with a hot dude in the city"

    but I suppose that's neither Idaho NOR a title of Christmas Carol. And BESIDES.. I'm married and totally would never think lusty thoughts about dudes with perfect abs. nope.. not me!

  7. We so loved that movie "Once" that my husband and I gave each other copies of the soundtrack, DVDs of A Swell Season and assorted other Once stuff without consulting each other. This was a great clue.

  8. You tricky thing you. Of course, if I were a little more (okay, a LOT more) musically inclined...maybe I would have even heard of that carol.


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