Monday, December 01, 2008

Coherence is an overrated commodity

So you're getting a series of unconnected paragraphs.

First of all, it snowed last night, so this morning I was awakened by the extremely loud sounds of snowplows getting all snowplow-y wit it. And I could have lived without it, thankyouverymuch.

You know those annoying neighbors I was bitching about for putting up Christmas decorations a full week or more before Thanksgiving? OK, now that it's 20 degrees and snowy, I'm jealous of these very same neighbors. They're still annoying, but I envy them. So I hope you're satisfied.

So it turns out that I actually really like television. What kept me from watching it lo these many years was commercials and having to be on the sofa at a particular time to see a show. Now, don't recommend that I get TiVo. All the people I know who have TiVo watch television the way I eat, i.e., all the time, whether they want to or not. Also, I'm technology challenged, and I don't want to have to figure out a new piece of equipment. I'll stick to NetFlix for now.

And speaking of Netflix, That Stud Muffin I Married and I are still deeply into Grey's Anatomy on DVD. Like unbelievably crazy about it. After Thanksgiving, as soon as his family left, we enjoyed a vast orgy of Grey's Anatomy while we totally ignored our children. We camped out on the sofa in front of the flatscreen and drank wine and watched up to four episodes in a single night.

We're almost at the end of Season 2, and I'm already worrying about what we'll do when we run out of DVDs to watch. I pat my little stack of Netflix DVDs to reassure myself that I've still got plenty. I'm like House with his Vicodan. See? I really do watch television now.

Because of my new-found love for old television programs, I'm four years behind the times with Grey's Anatomy, so I have no one to talk about the program with except my husband. In order to find out what other people think about it--like, for example, is Ellen Pompeo as drippy as I think she is--I've turned to Television Without Pity. These days when I'm not camped out on the sofa watching GA, I can be found working my way through all 318 pages of the GA forum.

Either that or doing the New York Times crossword puzzle.

Jebus, I'm starting to scare myself. Any second now I'll be wearing cardigan sweaters and telling you I like you just the way you are.

Although actually that's true. Unless you're Ellen Pompeo.


  1. You watch television - I crochet. It's a seasonal thing.

  2. Hmm. Now I'm worrying about my cardigan sweaters.

  3. The Tudors, Entourage, Californication, many serial series so little time. There will be (TV) life after GA!

  4. Since you seem to have made it through the firewall successfully today, I will double up on my comments. This is hilarious! I was a GA devotee for the first two seasons when they were actually on, so much so that I couldn't wait to read Shonda's Blog on the official GA site the next morning for the inside scoop on last night's episode! I'm totally over that show now...I'm pretty sure it was Ellen Pompeo's drippiness that ultimately did me in.

    Also, Tivo? So easy. I use mine all the time and I can barely change batteries. Of course, then I never have time to watch anything I've recorded.

  5. bb: Probably, but what did I used to do to hibernate before I discovered this "television" doohickey? I can't remember.

    Ree: Oh, sure. Blame the weather. That's the stock in trade of us rugged midwesterners.

    KathyR: I'm not so worried about the sweaters unless I'm wearing them as a twinset. Then I get worried.

    Hester: Don't think I didn't call my Netflix cue up in a different window so I could add all of those, because I SO TOTALLY DID.

    Tress: I haven't even looked at the GA website. I'm afraid that if I do, my face will get sucked through my laptop screen.


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