Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Nature abhors a vaccuum, so I'll post.

But I have only one thing to say.

It's brilliant, though. Ready?

You know how they're always telling you that if a woman's adrenaline gets pumping, she could lift a city bus off her child?

Well, today I did an experiment, and I believe I have conclusively proven that in the absence of a city bus, when her adrenaline gets going, a woman can pick up big, heavy pieces of furniture--that weigh about as much as a bus--and pretty much juggle with them.

Which is what I did today. Emptied out a big bookcase, dragged it upstairs, moved it into my daughter's room, reloaded it with stuff. All by myself. And it was easy.

You've just got to love that adrenaline. Archimedes needed a lever and a place to stand to move the world, but a woman pumped full of furniture-moving drive can do it without the lever.

See, I told you it was brilliant. Admit it. I blinded you with science, didn't I?


  1. Since you're on a roll, I actually have a big, heavy bookcase that I need to move upstairs as well. I'm saving my adrenaline for the midmorning bus. Here, I'll send you my address - watch the walls, 'k?

  2. I've done that sort of thing before. Rearranged a couple of rooms, including moving beds and bookcases. Pete comes home and his mind is blown. He called me The Hulk once. Only once, never again.

  3. Oh! Oh! I can't see my keyboard! (thank goodness science is only temporarily blinding) Thanks for the inspiration. I have a newly acquired, fairly compact, treadmill complete with a set of wheels on the front. I'm going to get pumped about moving it from the spot it currently is in (easy to overlook) to a new one where I can walk and watch my favorite shows! No excuses. Okay, on the count of three!

  4. Can you come clean Shortman's bedroom? He's 17.


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