Tuesday, January 20, 2009


President Obama and his speech and his Yo-Yo Ma and his Elizabeth Alexander and his wife and her ugly daytime outfit and his wife and her gorgeous night-time outfit and the prayers and the singing and ARETHA'S HAT and the balls and Beyoncé singing "At Last" while President and Mrs. Obama danced at what felt like the nation's wedding ...

Well, I'm tired out. Drained. By Obama.

Also, I thought President Obama would want me to clear out all the Christmas decorations (of which we have not a few) in honor of his inauguration, so I did, and now I'm checking out the efficacy of Exedrin for Back Pain, which coincidentally enough, I saw advertised on ABC tonight while I was watching Inauguration festivities.

You know, if this were Variety and I needed one of those snappy headlines that conveys everything to the insider but nothing to people outside the show business community, I would say

Brain-O, back pain-o, and drain-o.


  1. I missed Michelle's evening wear, but I'm so glad you think it was better than that monstrosity she wore that morning. I only hope it was warm.

  2. If *I* was editor in chief of Variety, I'd hire ya.


  3. You forgot those beautiful coats that the Obama girls were wearing


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