Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When I was a geek, I spake as a geek, I understood as a geek, I thought as a geek: but when I became a mother, I let my son do it instead.

My son just walked into the living room with the number candles for his sister's birthday cake.

"It's January," he said, holding up a


"and it's the 21st," he added, holding up a

2 and a 1,

"and she's turning


he concluded, reversing the numbers.

Call me a sideshow geek, but it gives me the warm fuzzies to see him noticing number patterns like that.


  1. That is a proud geek mom moment. One of the times when you don't think about how sad you are that they inherited half of your nerdy chromosomes.

  2. That boy needs a set of pentominoes.

  3. I love this story--I can relate to it. When I was his age, I had insomnia; I would lie awake, watching for number patterns on the digital clock. But so far my kids (5 & 7) haven't shown such numerical precociousness. Still hoping!

    He sounds like a great kid.

  4. See, I'm more of a numbers geek than you are - I assumed he'd be doing it in binary code.


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