Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nancy needs a new moisturizer

Believe it or not, there are readers of this blog who actually take my opinions seriously. And sometimes, they send me emails.

I got one not too long ago from Nancy, who is looking for a new moisturizer. Nancy tells me she has medium dry skin with some redness in her chin. She had been using Bliss's Youth as We Know It, which costs $80 a jar.

Personally, I look back nostalgically to the days when I could have described my skin as "medium dry," rather than "my own private Sahara." That would have been way back in college, and I was probably using Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.

Now, even though I have very dry skin, I'm using so many products on any given day that no single one of them has to be all that moisturizing. I put on some Vitamin C serum,

then Clinique's Even Better Stop Signs spot remover,

then eye cream,

then a SPF 28 moisturizer.

Most days I have so many layers on my face, it's like I'm going out on Halloween as a turtle sundae.

At night, whatever I'm planning to put on top, I always I use my Vitamin C serum, my spot-removing serum, and my eye cream. Then I put on whatever I have around that doesn't have SPF. I'm using up the last of a Murad kit I got last summer, and I always have some GWP products to try, including the inevitable Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (DDML).

If I'm feeling super dry, I'll use a dab from my ancient jar of Creme de la Mer. Or Eucerin. Or Nivea. These are super heavy, greasy formulas, though.

As you can see, my night time creams are all over the map, from cheap drugstore to la-di-dah Neiman Marcus.

Can you think of something for Nancy to try? Or me, for that matter?


  1. I'm 45 with dry skin and sometimes breakouts on my chin. I'm loving the Lacura products from -- of all places -- Aldi's. I like the Q10 night cream - I wear it night and day. It's made in Germany and is very highly rated. If I veer away, my skin becomes dry and flaky with zits - so unfair.
    My cleanser is olive oil massaged in and wiped off with a warm wet washcloth.

  2. Lately I've just been using Bag Balm. It costs about ten dollars for a giant tin, and I've been using it on my face, lips and nail beds for about a month. My lips haven't chapped since (and they normally peel and crack like crazy in the winter), the dryness I normally get around my nose is gone, and it seems to help with breakouts, too. You can get it at basically any drug store, and I think it's fantastic.

  3. Mary Kay products tend to be formulated for drier skin types. Their normal/dry moisturizer sounds like a good fit for Nancy. (Unlike me, who has to balance the desert with the adjacent oil slick.)

  4. Would be happy to send you a Vitaphenol dry skin regimen, Poppy, if you'd like! Recently released to the public, it combines mangosteen, green tea, white tea, and pomegranate in a unique complex to help with hydration and anti-aging.

    LMK. bob AT vitaphenol DOT com.

    Vitaphenol Outreach Coordinator

  5. I'm liking the stuff from Ulta -- I think it's called miracle because it has a very corny saying on it about how we need to make miracles happen. Whatev.

  6. Vitamin E line from The Body Shop is moisturizing without being too much, even for my "undecided" skin.

  7. I have dry skin or as my esthetician likes to say that my skin is normal, but suffers from surface dehydration. So to simplify things I say "dry".

    I have used many, many products and what I found that works best for me is Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream, and Origins Night-a-Mins at night. Whenever I use different moisturizers other than the two mentioned above I suffer from three conditions: Flakiness, redness, or random breakout especially around my jaw and chin.

  8. Scot - ny keyboard is slowly dyingJune 13, 2011 10:09 PM

    i surfed over on a link from blackbird - yes, she is all the good adjectives. at any rate, after reading this post i wondered if my opinion would carry any weight with all you ladies but, well, here i go anyway.
    i work at an award shop with alot of glass, wood, brass, and alot of harsh chemicals used to clean them. my hands get so incredibly dry, occasionally they crack and bleed.
    recently i recieved a sample of bee kind lotion from gilchrist and soames. they make what is possibly the best soap on the planet, the london soap or their oatmeal soap. anyway, the bee kind lotion has all kinds of good stuff in it and smells wonderfully lemony. i tried it and was really please that it wasn't greasy or oily, i wasn't all that impressed but the next day my hands felt amazing. they felt smooth and uhmmm, soft. not really a plus for me but still freaky good. every woman that i've shared it with has bought a bottle of this stuff and loves it. i highly recomend it, and their soaps, to everybody. the london soap is so good i can use it to shave with.
    sorry about the text, my shift key isn't working.

  9. scot - still in lower caseJune 13, 2011 10:13 PM

    sorry, i meant to add this.
    you should try their stuff, its really good. you can't buy it anywhere but resorts and on line.

  10. Forgive me if you are writing somewhere else and I am just not in the loop, but I think you write well and I am sorry not to see you. I did not enjoy the Beauty Boomer, but I did enjoy your previous blog which I found an interesting mix of your life, insights, make up and shopping. I hope you will go back to something similar soon.


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