Friday, November 11, 2011

Hope springs eternal, or, on-line shopping

Oof, I just went to the post office with a huge box of stuff to send back ... the long black dress that everyone admired as well as a couple of other lovely things. Everything was wonderful, but nothing fit.

There's only one word that comes to mind if you shop on line and when it comes time to try them on, only Eileen Fisher's clothes (famously easy and body-skimming) actually fit.

That word is diet.

So I swore off on-line shopping. But then I followed a link in a blog and discovered these boots

Apepazzo Strasburgo booties in black from Goldyn

which were on sale. And when I went to order, I discover a coupon code for an additional 30 percent off.

So $189 boots for $92.61, free shipping and no tax? Sold!

I just hope my feet haven't gained weight.


  1. Eileen Fisher really designs great garments. I have a couple of her pieces and they are favourites in my wardrobe.
    Diet might not be necessary, it's a matter of getting the right size.
    Online shopping can be tricky with sizing but I can highly recommend Land's End for basics...
    nothing to wear to a gala but good quality everyday pieces that wash and wear well. Guaranteed unconditionally too.

    Those booties look fun...
    have a great weekend!

  2. I reluctantly bought two EF items this week. It is not my favorite brand because I can't understand a $300 price tag on pull up pants but the ones I bought at least had a zipper and were silk. The sweater also does not look EF because it is not voluminous. Sorry but I think big clothes make big people look heavier.
    Women buy lots of shoes, handbags, perfume and cosmetics because they usually fit better than clothes.

  3. Oh, those boots are going on my wish list - though they'll likely never make it off the list with my current back to school budget status. Keep letting me live vicariously?

  4. Apepazza (with an "a") is a great Italian shoe brand and those booties are cool!
    I'm voluntatrily ignoring the fitting issues ...
    la la la (covered ears) la la la

  5. Hello Poppy Buxom! thank you for your comment on my blog. I had to come by, check yours out and say hi.

    Also, you are now added to the +40 blogroll. Nice to "meet' ya! -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  6. Ooooh love those boots! I feel my self control slipping away...I just swore off buying anything else that cant be worn poolside. Le sigh.

  7. That's a great deal! I love the boots! I have a similar one in dark brown and love it. Most of my shoe shopping are works out pretty well.
    Happy weekend to you!


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