Thursday, May 10, 2012

After six months, an update

What have I been up to, you wonder. I mean, Blogger has a brand new (to me) interface--surely something has changed chez Buxom.

Well, not to sound like Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof ("I have FIVE DAUGHTERS!") but we have two teenagers--so mostly I've been hunkered down in our foxhole, waiting for properly uniformed officials to sound the All Clear.

While there, I noticed that I had gotten kind of fat. While I wasn't paying attention, my weight had crept up to 192 pounds of pure buxom--again. I'm sure you'll agree that once you've come--at 5'6" and change--to within striking distance of the big 2-0-0, it's time to do something. So I'm back on Weight Watchers. And I noticed that while sitting on my sofa streaming episodes of The Biggest Loser is inspiring, it doesn't burn many calories. So I've started going to the gym. Also? What I'm eating is so unbelievably healthy, it would bring a tear to the eye of the editor of Prevention magazine. It's salmon and whole grains and protein smoothies and hardly a refined carbohydrate around here.

I'm down 11 pounds.

I haven't been buying a lot of clothes, but I did pop for a new evening gown.

Tadashi Shoji cap-sleeve twisted gown
Neiman Marcus, on sale for $235

And I've gone a little crazy for Chanel cosmetics, particularly nailpolishes. Here I am modelling Quartz

which looks a lot better when Temptalia is photographing/wearing it.

All I know is that it will look AWESOME with my new flap, a Mother's Day present from Mr. Buxom.


  1. Love the dress and handbag. Is the polish a gold? Gorgeous color which I must check out.
    Congratulaions on your weight loss. Gina at just posted a salmon recipe today that looked pretty good.


  2. Hi Audrey! The polish is from Fall 2011 but is still in the stores. It's a silver-y champagne beige that sparkles gold in the sun (or when a camera flash hits it.)

    Tadashi Shoji dresses are great for those of us with curves. They're cut modestly, too--nice high arm holes so nobody sees the top of your bra cup--a true pet peeve of mine.

    I'm always looking for a good salmon recipe--I'm using a recipe for mackerel from Harumi's Japanese Home Cooking which uses mirin, miso, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sugar, and srirachi--even my kids like it.

  3. YOU are just the inspiration I needed today!!!

  4. So glad you're back! I miss your voice.

  5. Oh do stay around Poppy I've really missed you.
    Are you doing WW online or "in person"?

    Love that Chanel bag and your nails look so pretty.
    Please keep us in the loop on your progress.


  6. We must be long distance soul-sisters-of-the-wide-ass. I hit 190 about four weeks ago, and nearly fainted. Flax is my friend, along with yoga and walking, and I am down 7 pounds, so far. What's your goal? I am trying for 165, but it has been a long time since I was there...don't know if 49 year old me is capable of that.

  7. You're all so great to leave comments!

    C., Helen, Little Bird, thanks for welcoming me back.

    Hostess, I'm doing WW online because in my area, one woman runs all the meetings, and she's kind of obnoxious, i.e., she talks too much and doesn't let me take over. Heh. WW online is great, especially is you use the free smart phone app.

    Mary, my goal is 160, which will mean my BMI is normal, but honestly, if I ever get out of the 180s, I'll pop open a bottle of champagne and pour the contents over my own head.

    Paola, I less-than-three you! <3

  8. Yay, Poppy is back! I can't seem to get up to Chicago so I have missed your voice so much!

    I thought you were about 5'10".

    All of my pants are too snug. I am trying to get back on the WW track. You are an inspiration.

    Carol in TX


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