Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back from break

Oh my gosh, internet, have I been busy lately! Since last we met, I've been to Wizard World Chicago, where I--along with a group of similarly Buffy-addled women--helped celebrate James Marsters' 50th birthday.

Yes, Spike is turning 50 tomorrow. (But we forgive him, don't we? Because some of us are even older.)

Then I went to New Hampshire to eat lobster visit my family. I visited with my mother and various in-laws and talkedtalkedtalkedtalked. For up to eight hours at a time.

Needless to say, I didn't feel any real need to communicate, so I wasn't reading blogs. And it didn't even occur to me to post anything.

I got home today to find a couple of sample boxes have arrived in the mail.  I'm also test-driving a new Vitamin C product.

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Corrector
So far, I like it. It has that Vitamin C stinginess that convinces me that it's burning the age spots right off of me. We'll see.

Meanwhile, the teenagers start school on Wednesday, and I'm doing everything I can to enjoy the final days of summer. I have a thick stack of fall fashion magazines to work my way through, and a lot of Pinterest pins to fall in love with. And a lot of blogs to catch up on!


  1. Welcome home!

    What WILL you do with yourself when they are both in school all day.
    I can only imagine...

  2. Jealous! I'd celebrate anything with Spike.

  3. I have to admit being very jealous of Wizard World and James Marsters Birthday. I recently rewatched all the Buffy episodes, and some of Angel (those after Spike joined the cast). And I am still firmly in the Spike camp.

  4. Glad you're back. Can't wait to hear about the Vit. C cream. Once I figured out those Dior nail polishes in purple were sold ONLY at Nordstrom I went ahead and bought one online (no Nordstrom around here). I went with Orchid. I'm waiting for September to try it. I'm going to wear a lot of navy, black and purple this fall! XO, Jill


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