Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Q. Where've I been? A. Shopping.

Blackbird once asked me why I spent so much on accessories and so little on clothes. The short answer is that clothes shopping is no fun when you're a size 16. (Or to be truthful, bulging quietly out of the 16s.)

But then I started spending a lot of time at the gym. And I decluttered my closet. And I sincerely--no, really!--had nothing to wear.

It was a situation that badly needed rectifying. So I rectified. Behold:

See that? Only two pairs of shoes.

I just hope the current ratio meets with bird's approval.


  1. What great pieces to add and I love the motorcycle boots!!

  2. I need more details such as brands, stores etc. We won't be wearing the same things to the same places since I'm on the West Coast. I love it when I can shop from our selections.
    Congrats on the gym and decluttering.

  3. oof, those dresses!
    I cannot wait.


  4. Looks like a great basic wardrobe and versatile. Congrats on your hitting the gym...

  5. I love the white ruffled top and first dress. They're so cute! :)

  6. Have missed you, Poppy. What was your verdict on the Garnier dark spot corrector?

  7. You have a good taste in terms of good fashion sense. Great selection!


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