Friday, November 23, 2012

What I wore to get indigestion

The Beauty Boomer arranged these flowers with her own white hands.
Did everyone have a lovely Thanksgiving? I hope so.

We weren't hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, yet much cooking occurred. We were doing a potluck with friends, and because no one was coming here, we used the energy we would have spent cleaning up and spent it in the kitchen.

Mr. Buxom baked four pies. Pecan, chocolate cream, apple, and sweet potato. They were all successful. If you check your copy of The Alice's Restaurant Cookbook, you will discover that "sweet potato pie leaves pumpkin pie sitting in the road." This is God's truth, people.

What do you mean, you don't have a copy of The Alice's Restaurant Cookbook? For shame.
Listen, those hippies understood food. They did better by us today than James and Martha Pearl Villas did with My Mother's Southern Kitchen and My Mother's Southern Entertaining.

Today I baked Martha's gingerbread men (except I used a turkey-shaped cookie cutter because it's Thanksgiving.) These were not successful. In fact, they were by far the worst cookies I've ever made. They were agreeably spicy, but not sweet enough to actually qualify as a dessert. Also, they were rock hard. It's my belief that Martha Pearl was overly concerned with gingerbread's use as gingerbread house building material. At any rate, her recipe produced gingerbread that was more drywall than dessert.

After the gingerbread debacle, I baked some butterscotch brownies. And pocketbook rolls. And wild rice salad. And my amazing fattening salad. And Martha Pearl Villas's Party Potatoes, which were extremely tasty.

Then we went to my friend Jeanne's house. She had also prepared vast quantities of food.

We all returned chez Buxom for the pie. And caffeinated beverages and/or alcohol. I had some Grand Marnier. By that point, I fully appreciated Grand Marnier's versatility. It's a drink, but it's also a dessert. And you don't need to cram much of it into an already-protesting belly--a jigger or two is plenty. I like that. It's efficient.

But you want to know what I wore. I repeated an outfit I wore to a luncheon earlier this month. I wore my brown Worth dress with the laser cut back, the Tsubo color blocked heels, and to throw all of you a curve ball, a different necklace. I wore one of those super long Chanel necklaces that you can double or even triple up. This one has pearls, black beads, and double C's.

It was an early birthday present from me to myself. And I'm so grateful to myself, because I love it.

And to cook and serve pie? My Official Preppy Apron.

Before Truth, The Right Fork. Our motto.

And hey--look what else came out of the cupboard.

Semper Preparatus

I know I've ranted recently about wearing pantyhose and how we should all stop judging. But at the end of the day, boy, was I glad to get out of my control tops. I had been asking a lot out of the Spandex.

Here's hoping you ate well and looked splendid!


  1. Oh Poppy your day of feasting sounds divine.
    I must say that I am green with envy on your early birthday gift. It's a classic, I'd even wear it to the gym!

  2. BTW My eyes are thanking you for turning off that blurry word verification!

  3. You looked lovely! Unfortunately, I looked a mess. I was more unprepared than a newlywed. Somehow, my pea brain thought that if people were coming by 3, I could have everything made & still have time to change out of my sweat shorts & bright yellow t-shirt if I started at noon.


    Fortunately, the friends are dear enough that bright yellow t-shirts & no makeup are perfectly acceptable.

  4. The necklace is enviable and outfit lovely. I changed to sweater and slacks but I did put on jewelry.
    I thought I was blind not being able to see word verification and I wear bifocals.

  5. Your necklace is fabulous!
    I'm so glad you're such a good friend to yourself!!!


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