Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Buxom.

Folks, one of the two Buxom offspring has flown the nest. We spent a lot of time working on college applications, and he got accepted at all of his schools, but the idea of a gap year was just too enticing. So he's gone, but he's spending a second year as a high school senior, this time at the Interlochen Arts Academy, where he'll be studying motion picture arts. Then he'll go off to film school and become a famous director, and pretty soon I'll be blogging from his mansion in Bel Air. You heard it here first.

Meanwhile, to keep things motion picturesque, as befits the parent of a major young directing talent, I'm enjoying wearing one of Chanel's latest nail polishes--Cinéma. It's a soft, pretty, almost retro red.

To complement it, my nails are a retro almond shape. Matronly? Pretty? Glamorous? Maybe a little of each.

Have you noticed the retro influences in fall clothes? One such influence is the resurgence of interest in navy blue. I swear, black has been the neutral of choice for over thirty years. Who would have thought that navy blue could look this fresh? Don't let the school girl connotations fool you (even if your kid, like mine, is wearing a navy blue school uniform.) Navy blue is just as slimming as black, and kinder to the complexion.

In a couple of weeks, my husband and I will be celebrating our 25th anniversary with a dinner dance. I'll be wearing this dress from Worth.

It's navy blue jacquard with feathers on the skirt. For that touch of Hollywood, darlings!


  1. I am so excited! I may get a retro manicure for the party. Whee!

  2. Poppy I have missed you.
    So elated that you have come back.
    Hope you are well.

  3. You two better post pictures, cutouts, faceless, side ones, but pictures you must give!

  4. I'm so glad you're back - we missed you. Love the almond-shaped nails.

  5. I'm so glad you're back - we missed you. Love the almond-shaped nails.

  6. The dress is lovely.

    I'm back to navy blue after nearly a decade away from it.

    I've always loved a good red polish. Always on my toes, never on my fingers, because I'm a gardener.

  7. I 've missed you!
    Lovely shade of red from Chanel...not matronly at all.
    Happy Anniversary you'll look fabulous in the Worth dress.

  8. Fab dress. Enjoy the liberty.


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