Sunday, September 15, 2013

I'm sick and tired of

cropped pants

smoky eyes

bare legs all the time (regardless of occasion, weather, or age)

platform shoes

nail art

arm parties

tissue weight fabrics

visible zippers

skinny jeans

leopard print

studs or spikes on shoes

shoes that looks like hooves

crazy hooker stilettos


  1. Word! Perhaps you can follow this up with a list of the things you like these days.

  2. I am totally with you. But I'll have to add a couple of things. Like cut out dresses, mini mini skirts, and above the knee boots. Add toboggans with short shorts. Add winter jackets with flipflops. And I'm sure if I tried I could find more. The worst of all to me is the idea of "must have". I'm glad I'm too old to care so much. Cause I don't have much of the daily must haves.

  3. But you are fine with full-body tats, right?


  4. Wow. Did somebody oil Gwyneth down before she came on stage? Eek. I suspect everything but the smoky eyes will go away...or we will all end up dressing like Effie in the Hunger Games.

  5. Completely right there with you on every single one of these!

  6. I can't stand mullet skirts/dresses, asymmetrical shirts/sweaters, and the return of crop tops.

    I am with you on platform shoes, spikes, smoky eyes, and bare legs.

    I still adore leopard print, but agree it's been overdone.

    I'm fine with cropped pants, although not so much with super high heel shoes or in professional settings.

  7. Don't disappear again, please.

  8. @STAshworth, I'm working on a list of likes. It's a challenge when you're feeling grumpy because of all the damned horse's hoof platform shoes you keep seeing.

    @Judy C---thank goodness longer length skirts are coming back.

    @LPC--and piercings. Of course.

    @blackbird You do, until I start mocking pops of color and you cringe, knowing I'm referring to your oatmeal colored sweaters.

    @unmitigated--yes, I think someone did. Greased pigs come to mind ...

    @everyone else--don't worry; I feel more hate blogging coming on! :D

  9. While I can't let go of my leopard shoes, I have let go of my leopard shoes that look like hooves or hooker stilettos. I love this post, and I am tired of most of those things as well. I don't think I would tire of them if every. single. blogger. across. the. globe. wore them all the time.

    My personal sick of:
    Glasses as an accessory not for a vision problem
    Mullet skirts
    Crop tops
    Wedge sneakers
    Too short skirts, no matter the age or quality of leg
    False eyelashes for daytime
    Valentino Rockstud shoes
    People under 30 with Chanel bags

    It's nice to see you posting again :)

  10. With you on a lot of these, but I'm not ready to give up my leopard print or skinny jeans yet!

  11. Oh Yes those shoes that look like horse feet - yuk !

  12. LOL!! How did I miss this post? I'm still liking skinny jeans, (easier to tuck into boots) but I'm with ya on the rest of it. And "boxy" everything. I'm so tired of boxy.

  13. I totally agree with you in shoes that look like hooves. And cropped pants. Except I am not sick of them - I never liked them to start with. Why, with all the. Beautiful. Designs. And clothes. In. The. World would you purposely make yourself look ugly.

    I (respectfully, of course) disagree with the leopard print making this list. I am sure if you saw my leopard print, cats eye glasses, you'd love the print all over again.

    Can we add ballet flats unless you're Audrey to the list?

  14. Great list. Hard for me to make an honest one, because people I really, really like do some of those thing, but I'm glad you did.


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