Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cindy Sherman, eat your heart out

Now THIS is a self-portrait!

In my defense, Mr. Buxom and I were on our way out the door to spend our first date night as Empty Nesters (subtitle: When Every Night is Date Night!). I thought I would document the matchy-matchiness of it all. If my daughter weren't away at college, she'd be rolling her eyes like a slot machine.

St. John black and white knit dress, cleverly purchased at the Nordstrom anniversary sale (But hey, guess what? The last time I checked, they had already marked it down. What profiteth a shopper to purchase something with a pre-season discount if the dress is going to be on sale when it's time to wear the stupid thing?)

Ferragamo black and white Vara pumps, cannily purchased from BlueFly, which always has a supply of interesting, marked-down Ferragamos I never see anywhere else (as well as the usual run of Dull Normals and Outright Hideousness) ... and they come in a C width, so yay.

Chanel black and white long-ass chain-and-bead necklace for which I paid retail years ago. Must remember to Amortize This Purchase, since Coco charges mad amounts for what is, after all, Costume Jewelry.

Vintage black tiny Chanel flap that I probably bought on eBay. Really just big enough for keys, lipstick, phone, and credit cards.

Finally--and this was accidental, I swear--my daughter's black and white cell phone case with a skull on it.


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