Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Back from a fabulous trip

Hi Internet! Did you miss me? I missed you. I just got back from 10 days in Europe. Mr. Buxom and I decided to celebrate our empty-nester state by taking a trip to Vienna, Salzburg, and Munich.

My only OOTD shot--our first day in Vienna, just off the plane. Wearing vintage Hermes Vienna-themed scarf

The first shopping was done by Mr. Buxom, which meant ... after this, I could buy anything I wanted.

On the ferris wheel on the Prater

Don't panic; we didn't buy any weed.
That was a lot of time to spend with my spouse, and I enjoyed it tremendously, but I didn't want to cheat on him with my invisible internet friends, so I didn't even bring my laptop. I KNOW

We went to the opera twice, once in Vienna and once in Munich.

Giddy at the chance of seeing Figaro at the Vienna State Opera

Both times were amazing. I packed my black and white St. John dress and ... well, just check this post and you'll see what I wore. It worked beautifully--packed like a dream, was totally appropriate, and I could walk around afterwards to go for a stroll and get a drink.

Caviar is always nice.
(I think I've worn this dress six times since I bought it. Wait--should I even admit that???)

On the road to Salzburg, at the abbey at Melk, wearing a different Hermes scarf. I brought four and wore them all.

Our hotel was at the top of this sheer cliff face

Just a small sampling of the eye candy in Salzburg.
I did a little shopping, mostly in Salzburg, because that is the epicenter of trachten, which I'm ... a little crazy about. Unfortunately, since I have absolutely no Bavarian roots, I can't play the ethnic heritage card, so I have to tread lightly, or things can get awfully costumey.

Not me.

I had a great time trying on clothes, because they were designed for women who are blessed in the chest. The shirts and jacket fit through the bust, yet also fit through the waist, shoulders, and sleeve length. And so I bought four shirts and a jacket. And two scarves. And a ring.

And a few gifts ... and some amber jewelry for me.

And that stuff was €$p€n$iv€!

In Munich I went into a local version of a CVS to shop for cheap makeup and skincare. I didn't make a wish list, ask the internet for advice, or bone up on new products from European high-end lines before I left Chicago. First of all, I've discovered no price advantage buying French cosmetics in France. Secondly, what I really like to do is hang out at the drugstores checking out the inexpensive products.

I bought two eye palettes and a highlighter palette by Sleek, a U.K. company; a powder foundation, blush, and liquid concealer by L.O.V., two packages of face wipes and a bottle of Micellar water from Nivea, and a big pot of regular old Nivea cream, because the same size that cost 3 Euros and change would cost $15.00 back home.

Even with all the unpacking and laundry and the fact that I'm currently charging the portable battery doohickey because Somebody left the dome light on in the car for ten days ... I name no names ... and I need to charge one battery so I can jump the other ... I'm glad to be home. But it was a fabulous trip!


  1. Your trip looks great fun and you are such an elegant traveller unlike myself!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous trip. Using the cost per wear thought on the St. John knit it was a great purchase, sure it was anyway but nice to feel even better about shopping choices.


  3. You both look amazing and SO happy. Great shots!


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