Saturday, May 23, 2020

Don't eat bananas directly, add 3 eggs, no frying and no water, it's more fragrant than meat!

You might be wondering about my title. Well, I've fallen down into the rabbit hole of YouTube suggestions, because the algorithm affords me with endless entertainment.

For example, this Chinese cooking channel. The translations of the titles are priceless.

Then there's Chris Fleming's latest music video, Boba Tea Manifesto:

I also get directed to a lot of videos about how to grow out dyed hair and embrace your silver!!!

The short answer to that is WAIT. LONG. ENOUGH. AND. IT. WILL. HAPPEN.

Which I'm giving serious consideration to. I mean, first of all, it gives me something to do while actually doing nothing, like the lady in the old television commercial who was cleaning her bathroom bowl Actually, she was resting quietly on a chaise longue reading scandalous French novels and dipping languidly into a box of expensive chocolates. The giant blue Alka-Seltzer she dropped into the toilet tank was doing the cleaning.

And that's pretty much how I plan to transform myself into a silver fox. I will do nothing, and in two years I will look like this:

or maybe this:

Only time will tell.

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