Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The one where she lists her current Corona projects (and uses the term dumbbell literally)

1. Roomba-ing. Due to the sale of the second home, the Buxom household is equipped with two Roombas. Because they remind me of my son's late, lamented turtle, Toby, we named them Toby II and Toby III. Right now Toby II is bumping around the kitchen and dining room, while Toby III wanders freely around the second floor. Freely, except for the heating grates in the floor, which I block with wastebaskets and/or dumbbells so the little wheels don't get stuck.

2. Falling over the dumbbells and (it is hoped) NOT breaking a toe in my left foot, because that would be the third broken toe since we moved into this house, and HONESTLY, that's a bit excessive.

3. Polishing my nails in two-young-for-me colors--apparently to coordinate with my yoga mat. (If you look closely, you'll see the glitter top coat I added on the third day.)

OPI A Grape Fit! topped with Finger Paints Dance Floor Diva

4. Developing what will no doubt be a coordinating bruise on my left shoulder where I banged into the door frame, after falling over the dumbbells.

5. Renaming one of the Roombas "D'oh!-by."

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