Friday, May 15, 2020

The one where she reveals the white elephant in the room

March 17, 2020, was the last normal day I enjoyed. I voted in the Democratic primary. And I had my hair colored. Root touch-up, highlights, lowlights, the whole nine yards.

They were closing the salon as I left, and it's still closed.

I part my hair on the side, because center parts aren't a good look on horse-faced Episcopalians. But if I did part my hair in the middle, this is what you'd see.

That, my friends, is an impressive skunk stripe. And it's only going to get wider.


  1. It's okay - I'm short, so I can't see it.
    Make me a gin and tonic - be right over.

  2. Yay! Top shelf gin and Fever Tree tonic if you’ll remind me of how you got rid of your hair dye. I have seen the future, and it is au naturel,


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