Thursday, August 11, 2016

More Nordstrom Anniversary Sale haulage--the clothes.

Before we get into it, remember, I bought boring shit. OK?

So OK, there were the bras. Which I totally wish were still in stock in my size at that price, but oh well. Then there were some jeans. I've been whining about how I need new ones. My last pair expired from a terminal case of chub rub, so I popped for new ones.

'Diana' Stretch Skinny Jeans (Blinding)

I can hear you yawning from here. But hey—here's something exciting—some cropped pants!

I finally figured something out about cropped pants. I mean, I couldn't figure out why they had become such a Thing, because, really, is the sight of everyone's ankles such a treat?

But then it dawned on me—when your pants are cropped, you can wear any shoe you want. Heels, flats, flatforms, Birkenstocks—whatever your ride, a cropped pant will work. Admittedly, in a leg-stumpifying, awkward-flash-of-ankle way, but that's the price you pay for not having to buy pants in two different lengths depending on whether you plan to wear them with heels or flats.

Anyway, I've had good luck with Lafayette 148 New York, so I ordered these

'Irving' Stretch Wool Pants

They're OK. Not great, but good enough. I mean, my ass is not the stuff of poetry, so pants are never going to look amazing ... but the fabric is nice--wool with a little spandex to keep it from sagging. I'm concerned about the length, because it's possible that on me, they look like normal pants that are too short. I JUST DON'T KNOW. Being old and out of it really sucks at times.

And finally, this dress. Which, I know. St. John knits—how bougie old lady. But I can't help it. First of all, when it comes to the Gilmore Girls, I'm Team Emily.

Second, Mr. Buxom and I have decided to go back to Europe this fall--Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Munich—and I'll need something to wear to see Figaro at the Vienna State Opera. And as my post about meeting Hillary Clinton makes clear, those St John knits are eminently packable. I plan to wad this dress up into a ball, stuff it into a carry-on, and then, voila! Dazzle the audience at the opera.

P.S. Notice how the dress is plain over the bodice and gets busier towards the hem? Those St. John people are not stupid.


  1. I luff that dress.

    1. I'll wear it while you're here! (But not to the rummage sale.)

  2. LOL. Whose ass is the stuff of poetry? Because I'm jealous.

    I don't even want to talk about all of the things I bought during Nsale (all clothes and shoes, no makeup). I've been posting on my instagram, because for some reason, I feel like attempting to be a fashion blogger on instagram looks less idiotic than doing it on my actual blog. Not that I'm really concerned about looking like an idiot at this point. So ok, let's call it what it is: laziness.

    I tried to buy a bra during the sale, and ordered one, but then they canceled it because they ran out. BOOOO.

    1. They ran out of my bra, too. Bastards!

      I know what you mean about Instagram versus the blog. I put some truly idiotic pictures up on Instagram and then have to remember to not let Instagram publish to my Facebook feed, because my Facebook friends won't be interested in my latest Sephora package, efforts at color-coordination, or nail polish du jour.

  3. Boring buying? I always love getting new lingerie and getting rid of those piece that have seen better days...and a few new basics are up lifting...well at least they are for me!

  4. My ass is not the stuff of poetry would be the BEST signature line.

    A childless voyage to Europe sounds very lovely. Good job not sitting home and weeping!


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